Thursday, July 5, 2012

Teaching Smart!

Okay, I am officially a loser this morning.  For some reason I couldn't get the html code to work to link up to this linky, so I just added the graphic and put the link to it underneath.  Anyway,  this linky is all about teaching smart and the best things that you have learned in the classroom!  If you want to check it out, click the link underneath the graphic above!

Some of the Best Things I Have Learned

1.  Organized Teacher Binder

Having an organized place for important information, meeting notes, parent contact is a really smart idea.  It has helped me in conferences, staying accountable, documenting behaviors, having authentic data at intervention meetings, and overall just being an organized person.  Below you can see some binder dividers that I actually made for my own teacher  binder this year.

2.  Planners/To Do Lists

To balance everything we need to balance!

3.  Student Conferences/Anecdotal Notes

I use anecdotal notes and student conferences all the time.  CAFE through the pensieve, Really Good Stuff's anecdotal notebook for writer's workshop and math workshop.  The great part is you can great your own!  Get a binder or a notebook, create a tab for each student, and have a form where you can take notes!  This is a smart teacher tip, because you will need these notes to not only help you plan for your groups and student needs, but it can also serve as a point for documentation should you be involved in an intervention meeting!

4.  Assigning Students Jobs In the Classroom

In my classroom I use student jobs to promote student independence, accountability, and responsibility.  The reason it is a smart teacher tip is because it is a time saver!!!  Having 20 plus hands to help clean up the room, run errands, help organize homework papers, take attendance, etc. is better than having to do it all my self.  Here is a list of things in the classroom that my students learn how to do and do everyday!

Attendance/Lunch Count on Computer
Alphabetize Homework
Use a spreadsheet to mark off who has turned homework in
Stamp Daily 5 Checklists
Stamp Planners and mark who has planners filled out
Pass back papers
Run office errands
Collect pencils in "Dull" container at the end of everyday
Sweep Floors
Change date on calendar
Put out morning work
Fill out Clip Chart behavior log at the end of the day
Take lunch boxes to cafeteria
Turn off computers/Smart Board
Grab copies from printer
and more!

I love that my kids mark off the homework and take attendance for me.  This allows me to stand at the door and greet my students for 20 minutes while my students are coming in!  When they are all at school, I walk to my desk and all the homework is in order by student number ready to be marked off!

To help assign jobs I use Amanda from One Extra Degree's Job Freebie  The kids love it!

That's it!!  What I have found is that if you can get the children to help you around the classroom, AND you can maintain organized notes and binders than the teaching and the awesome classroom environment will follow! 


  1. Love your dividers! Wish I had that talent and creativity:)

  2. I like how you did your anecdotal notes. I always struggled with that.
    The Idea Backpack

  3. Impressive and highly organized! BRAVO!!!