Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Teacher Home

There's No Place Like Home 
There's no place like home!  This part of TBA's International Blog-Hopping Day is to post pictures about our teacher homes!  If you are interested in checking out other classrooms or posting pictures of your own, click the image above to check it out!
All of the below pictures were taken in February.  A lot of them have been posted on my blog before, but not all in the same post so here we go!  **Keep in mind, I did not clean up before taking these so please excuse the mess: great things were being created!

Outside my door
Bulletin Board in Hall
Bulletin Board in Hall
Bulletin Board in Hall
Door to my Classroom
View from Door
Lunch Choice Center/Bathroom Passes
IB Attitudes and Profiles/ Reflection Journals
Inquiry Corner #1, Emergency Procedures, Mystery Walkers
Bathroom Log By Door
PYP Literature Connections and Reflection Journals
PYP Bulletin Board, Government KWL, Pink Basket has attendance, homework, and lunch count slips for students to fill out.
Big view
HEROES chart on closet door: Homework tracker
Inside closet:  White hooks hold coats, green baskets hold backpacks, gray closet (see below)
Inside gray closet (maniuplatives, DRA kit, etc.)
View of front of class
Reading Table
Reading Table Necessities:  Supply organizer, sticky notes, index cards, timers, my reading binder and group materials are in that big pile!
In between reading table and closet:  Phone/Reading group books
Calendar, Classroom Jobs, Birthdays, RESPECT behavior matrix, school behavior charts, etc.  This is on the bulletin board directly behind reading table.
Homework tray, extra paper, no name pile, Kleenex, Ziploc bags, sanitizing wipes, sink
Schedule and Class Rules posted on Cupboard
Inside Cupboard:  Reading Curriculum materials
Colored Book boxes:  Leveled Guided Reading Books
Red: 24
Orange: 28
Yellow: 30
Green: 34
Novel ties are on 2nd shelf along with Lucy Caulkins curriculum
More read alouds and novel ties on 3rd shelf
Bottom 3 shelves have reading manipulatives: magnetic letters, sort charts, etc. 

My desk area
On shelf behind my desk!
Plastic drawers hold extra school supplies, student rewards, etc. 
Crates for teacher binders and all TEs
Crates for teacher binders and all TEs
Lakeshore Learning Organizer and more TEs
Extra student supplies, math manipulatives, and monthly literature connections
Bulletin board pieces, Filing cabinet, Corner of my Desk, Apprentice organizer, pencil sharpener
Lesson Plan Binder, Stamps, Pens, Sticky notes
Please Sharpen, Sharpened Pencil Cups
Chairs in Reading Center in Front of My Desk
Classroom Library
Reset area with Behavior Reflection Sheet
Computer Area
Government Unit Bulletin Board
Front of classroom to the right of SMART board

Fluency Center/Pizza Pages
I get fluency pages from Reading A to Z
Find out more about Pizza Pages here.
Inside Fluency Bin is a folder for each student.  They time themselves everyday during Daily 5. 
Where are you going today?  Specials
At our school 3-5 grades are split into groups for specials.  We have split the students into groups typically A, B, C, and D and they rotate through Art, Music, PE, and Mandarin Chinese.  They go to each every 4th day.  There is no D up there because they had to consolidate a group for us. 

Students do morning work between 8:20-8:50 every morning.
Clip Chart, Timer for Transitions
Bucket Filler Station
Inside cupboard:  Dictionaries, health books, grammar books, construction paper, etc.  Resources that students have access to. 
Cubbies!  Each student has two little sections.   Their coloring supplies are in the colored containers from the Dollar Store.  They also have work journals and book boxes inside their cubbies. 
PE Shoes!
Math Literature Corresponding to our Fraction Unit on top of Cubbies
View of back of room
Door Decked out for Dr. Seuss Week
Inquiry Corner #2
Bulletin Board in Hall
Bulletin Board in Hall

Like I said at the beginning of the post, this is from February.  At the end of the school year, I completely remodeled my room.  My desk is in a different place so those shelves behind my desk will be used for a public supply area.  I have also gotten several great ideas through bloggers, Made-It, Monday, and Pinterest so my room will look completely different come August.  I will be doing a lot of new classroom management things.  Be on the lookout:  I will post new pictures come August!


  1. you have such an amazing and organized classroom!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  2. Found your blog from the There's No Place Like Home linkup. Thanks for sharing your classroom photos, it looks amazing! {and I'm secretly jealous of where you teach, it looks so modern and the hallway looks like something you would see in a movie or on TV} :)

    forkin 4th

  3. Thanks for joining in the fun! I loved looking at your space. It is so large and I can't believe all the storage that you have. I love the command hooks for coats and the magnetic pockets.

  4. I love your classroom set up! I will be back to look at it again as I get back into my classroom this month. We make a big difference in the lives of our students. I am giving you the One Lovely Blog Award. Go check it out!


  5. Hello from your newest follower!! I LOVE your classroom! Its so bright and organised and inviting! I bet you can't get the kiddies to go home each day ;)

    Kylie :)