Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Target and Dollar Store Finds

I know people normally take pictures of these great finds but I took all my stuff to school so I will tell you about it until I can get into my classroom and take pictures.

Dollar Spot @ Target
  • File Folders (3/$1) - all sorts of pretty bright colors (I took all of them and I'm going to make a cool color scheme in my Desk Apprentice)
  • Binder Dividers (5/$1) - pretty primary colors or shades of pink
  • Green Pencil Caddy - (3rd grade color is green); this particular one will be on my writing table
  • Foam Manipulative Clocks
  • Tabletop Pocket charts - I got 2 so I could have one for both differentiated levels of Words Their Way
  • Basic pocket chart - will use for lunch cards or something
  • Colorful magazine holders - someone I follow had their pictures of their classroom where they had the cute pink and black ones.  Well, whoever it was, inspired me so thank you!!!  I got the same black ones but instead of pink I got green. I will steal your idea of alternating them.  EXCEPT, I don't need them for students (I already have theirs), I got them for reading groups and I will store their materials and books for reading groups in there.
  • Cute sticky note pads 
  • Non-teacher related stuff: scrub pads, dishtowels, bulk snacks
Regular part of Target
I got 3M Command hooks (6pks were on sale for 5 dollars).  I am getting these to put in my  walk-in closet so kids can put their backpacks and coats in there.  We are getting cubbies with all of our new furniture and classroom but as you will see next week when I FINALLY get in there, they aren't practical for a coat and backpack.

Dollar Store
I went to the food container aisle and decided that I can use the plastic food storage in my classroom! 
6pk of the small round ones (would use for fruit or something) - I plan on putting money, counters, and other small school supplies in
Then they had these (120 oz?) flat ones that would be perfect for putting cookies in - I'm going to use them for loose leaf, construction paper, etc.

Anyway,  I know a lot of other teachers have blogged about some of these options, but my Dollar Spot at Target is normally CLEARED out, so I was happy that it was full today.  Although, they need to make those aisles bigger.

CLASSROOM UPDATE:  At the moment, I can get in for about ten minutes at a time.  They are painting still, and when they aren't in there my room is the hub/cleaning supply holding facility for everything that the company owns.  Literally, supplies of theirs are EVERYWHERE.  But because there is a lot of storage and cabinets, they are letting me briefly bring in things and put in cabinets where it is out of sight out mind.  So in my ten minutes today I:

1.  Rearranged the shelf levels in one cabinet so that I had a taller space for my new book boxes
2.  Took my new goodies out of Target bags and placed them on the shelves
3.  Drew a quick drawing of my classroom layout on the board so I could get things right in my head, but maybe the construction workers will see it and use it when they bring my stuff in!

Well, I'm off to play with my kitten and eat dinner!  Goodnight bloggers!

Sleepless Nights

So my kitten woke me up, and once I was up I couldn't get back to sleep because I was thinking about school.

Our school over the past two years has had a vast addition put on and then the old part of the building has been completely remodeled.  All teachers are getting new classrooms, laptops, furniture, and Smartboards.  I know, we are lucky.  The frustrating part is the teacher's first day is next Thursday August 18th and our rooms aren't ready yet.  Or at least the wing my classroom is in isn't ready. 

I have walked by my new room and it looks really nice, but it's very small.  To make matters a little worse more challenging, the students have what I would like to call "table desks."  Meaning that I have 25 of them (I have 23 students), but they are all 3 ft. long (so more the size of a small table).  Try fitting those into pods or groups, lol. 

So I have been up for the past hour drawing maps of my classroom, trying to figure out how to fit my kidney reading table, my rectangular activity table that I have to have, student desks, and my desk in there and still have room to walk. 

The next week or so will be crazy!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reading Works

So I just got hooked on this new reading site because 2nd grade Ponderings posted about it.  Check out her blog here

It's awesome ~ you can align it with state standards or common core and everything is free!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Vista Print Goodies

First I would like to thank the fabulous Christina Bainbridge for posting about her Vista Print goodies the other day  because I became inspired.  Follow the link below to see some great goodies.

Mrs. Bainbridge's Class

I especially like the sweet behavior clip chart cards, the sticky notes for a tricky word, and the cute notepads.

Anyway, so like I said I became inspired.  With my own ideas and ideas from bloggers and PT'ers everywhere I created the following awesome things!

Car magnet

Car magnet
Front of postcard for bi-weekly progress report

Back of postcard

Where Are We Update

This post is an addition to a post I made earlier today.

See the previous post here

I made the same posters using another template.  Get them here

I'm proud of this.

Once again - below is the button for the source of my inspiration.  Have a good night everyone!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where Are We Posters

Check out this link for the inspiration. 
The Sweet Life of Third Grade

I need to spend just a moment to gush on all of her awesome ideas! This is just one of few, so if you haven't already start following her now!! 

So anyway, if you have checked her update, she used Power Point to create posters with her polka dot theme.  She created two

1.  Where are We?  Provide options to let others know when your class is not in your room
2.  What do we have today?  Let kids know whether they have Art, Music, or Pe

I created/modified something very similar using cupcakes - of course.  I also did one in owls for a riend.  Check them out here

or here (for the owl one) Owl

I will make paperclips like the one she showed in her blog and hang this on the door while we are gone.
I will put this on our whiteboard.  Then I will either with a Vis a Vis or a mag letter or something designate which group is going to which special.  We have Mandarin Chinese at our school as the fourth special and in 3rd, 4th, and 5th our classes are split into four groups (A,B,C, and D).  This is to promote friendship with students in other classes.  For example, on Day 1 A would go to Art but another fourth of my class (group B) would go to Music, etc.
This is the owl one I created for a friend.


Classroom update - we still have not heard when we can get into our classrooms.  I did get a brief chance to look inside and the new classrooms look so awesome.  I will post pics as soon as I can!!

Monday, August 1, 2011