Friday, December 30, 2011

Operation Organize 2012

In response to my new fascination with organizing and this post from I heart organizing, I decided to attempt cleaning out my linen closet.  

So I didn't take pictures before.... 

but it looked something like this.  
  • Sheets, pillows, towels all over the place....
  • Random bottles and boxes
  • Take away the plastic organizers, because I didn't have any of that

It was basically a "throw everything in there" closet. 

Check out this picture...
 Minus the cat, this is everything that was previously in my linen closet but now is not.  My favorite is the pumpkin basket.  It was full of just random stuff.  The Rogers & Hollands bag had old nail polish, etc.  The rest were just empty or half empty boxes that took up a lot of space.  

So basically, I found some cute square mini-containers in the dollar section at Target.  I took one of the containers and filled it with all the medicines (because of aforementioned blog article) to remake this....

Basically, the article said that a medicine cabinet is not for medicine.  Medicines have to be stored at a certain temperature, and for those of us that like hot showers and baths, the bathroom typically gets too hot for the medicine.  So what Jen from I heart Organizing did was combine them into this tin and put them on the top shelf of a cabinet.  You will see that I sort of did something similar with the aqua cube organizers I got from Target.

So here are some pictures from the after product....

A few things I did:
1. There is a bag full of plastic bags that you can kind of see sitting at the bottom of my closet.  There are probably 50 plastic bags in there.  Those were previously covering the bottom of my closet like confetti at New Year's Eve.  Now, I can actually see the bottom of my closet.
2. Notice aqua cube plastic containers from the Dollar Spot @ Target

 I took Toilet paper out of packaging and stacked them on the shelf to rid my mind of that ugly plastic wrapping. 
 I emptied the many boxes of band-aids and Day/Nyquil and put them in this white basket.  Just doing this, I was able to throw away 15 little boxes that were half empty.  I think this makes it more accessible as well! :D
  A better look at how I used the aqua cubes to organize other types of medicines and lotions. 
The towels and the sheets look less crazy because I went through the closet and donated old sheets and towels we never use.  My goal is to get some wicker baskets to put these into.

So it's a start.  I plan on organizing every bit of this apartment over the course of the year.  I plan on using this declutter calendar to help in that process.  :D  It may not seem like much,  but I feel uber proud of myself!

Here are some pictures of cute things......
 cute cat
cute boy

Happy Blogging!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home Organization

This winter break I have been obsessing over how to better organize my living space.  Pinterest has been a faithful friend in this endeavor.  While pinning away I stumbled on one of my new favorite blogs!  The blog is called I Heart Organizing and it is fabulous! 

She has really cute kids as well....I'm just in love with some of the ideas I've found.  I can't wait to start revamping!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

11 in 11 Linky Party

A Teeny Tiny Teacher is hosting 11 in 11 Linky Party!!  Check it out!!

11. Favorite movie you watched

Breaking Dawn Part 1

There were several others I really liked such as Harry Potter, The Help, Hangover Pt.2

10. Favorite TV series

Once Upon a Time - Abc

9. Favorite restaurant
KoFusion. It's a trendy sushi bar in town. On Sunday and Monday nights they have $1 sushi. My favorites are the Big Rolls and the Coconut Shrimp. Yum!!

8. Favorite new thing you tried
I would have to say blogging or pinteresting. Just sharing ideas through the internet. Putting myself and my ideas online is definitely challenging at times. But it has been worth it!

7. Favorite gift you received

My Vera Bradley carry on duffel. I got several other things that I liked a vacuum I desperately needed.

6. Favorite Thing you Pinned


Haha. This is a hard question - because I love everything I pin!

5. Favorite blog post
I liked my post where I include pictures of all these cute things I found on Etsy. :D

4. Favorite accomplishment
Does getting engaged count? I'd say having 100% of my kids pass the benchmark would be another one.

3. Favorite picture

This is a picture of my little brother and I at Yellowstone over the summer. It means a lot to me because it represents the special time I get to spend with my family. My family lives in Wyoming, and I don't get to see them very often. Typically only once a year. So this is really special.

2. Favorite memory

My favorite memory has got to be getting engaged to Nathan Eimer. The most wonderful man in the world!!

1. Goal for 2012
In life: It might sound typical. But I really want to change my lifestyle so that fitness and healthy eating are an everyday occurrence. Not just to lose weight, but to become healthier.

In school: I want to become better organized with my grade keeping. I let it go more than I should. Just more organized in general would be great.

Happy Pinning!! I'm off to another Christmas party!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Liebster Award!! :D

 So now that the holiday season is ending, sadly, I can thank A Series of 3rd Grade Events for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award.  You should check out her blog and the other blogs I am nominating for this award!  :D  Btw, I hope you are finding some terrific deals!

The goal of the award is to spotlight up-and-coming blogs with less than 200 followers. The rules are:
  1. copy and paste the award on your blog
  2. thank the giver and link back to them
  3. reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
  4. hope that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers

It's Elementary My Dear Teacher

Charmed in the Third Grade


Adventures of Future Teacher  *Sorry no button to show off your awesome website!!*

Hangin Out in Third Grade  *Sorry no button to show off your awesome website!!*

Congratulations to all!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A lil note

First of all, Happy Holidays!!

Second, I was nominated for an award - I promise I'll do all of the obligations when I return from this XMas vacation.

I hope everyone is thankful and celebrating safely!