Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Daily 5 in Confectionary 127

I've been seeing lots of things on other blogs about reading centers or Daily 5 that I like.  It has prompted me to reflect on what I'm doing and what I could fix.  I actually currently have kind of like a Daily 6. 
  • Read to Self
  • Read to Someone
  • Work on Writing
  • Word Work
  • Listen to Reading
  • Fluency
Some of the problems that arise, are the fact that I only have 5 computers and 3 pairs of headphones.  My kids love, love, love listening to stories from Storyline Online  But with only three students being able to get on at a time, it makes it hard to get through all 20 of my students.  I have a schedule of what day students can get on the computers, but it ends of being that they can only get on once a week.  So in other words, it's really not an option. 

Any suggestions how to do listen to reading without a computer?  
Are there any other websites you use for listen to reading?

Another problem is fluency.  Currently we have color-coded folders for students.  The colors refer to a level (which I know but the students don't - the color also changes each week).  Anyway, in their folders they have a reading fluency passage from Reading A to Z and a tracking sheet.  The downside is I only have 6 timers. 

What do you all do for fluency?

I printed off from somewhere awhile back these Word Work task cards which are terrific.  But the downside is that I have to use Words Their Way during word work.  Also, I have students on two different levels of Words Their Way.  I've been having issues organizing two different word lists and activities that go along with both.  The biggest problem is that each list is on two different spelling rules.  I hate double planning.

As far as organizing the choice - I have a checklist that each student gets and keeps track of.  It has each day of the week and each of the six choices.  Students check off which ones they do.  After reading everyday I stamp them to make sure students are making a variety of choices.

How do you organize the switching? choice?

Does anyone else have problems fitting CAFE minilessons into their reading block.  Between groups, shared reading, and the CAFE minilessons - something always gets cut out.  It's frustrating.  I feel like I'm not doing it consistently.  I get 1 hour and 20 min for reading:

10:20 - 10:30 - Shared Reading
10:30 - 10:45 - Group 1
10:45 - 11:00 - CAFE minilesson
11:00 - 11:15 - Group 2
11:15 - 11:30 - Group 3
11:30 - 11:40 - Reflection/Classroom meeting

I know that my schedule is as good as it will get.  This time of year - getting ready for ISATS- there is not enough time to get my kiddos to where they need to be.  *urgh!*

The last thing that I'm curious about is if anyone has a set schedule for themselves to keep everything on track.  For example, I like to do my lesson plans by subject.  Monday I do science for the next week.  Tuesday I do reading.  Wednesday math and so on.  So by the time Friday comes I have my lessons ready for the next week. 

Any other time management tricks you'd like to share?

For those of you that are super organized and have organized libraries and wonderful literacy centers, when do you find the time to do it?  Do you devote a set amount of time to them?

Okay, I lied, one more question.  Homework.  Do you give it?  Do you grade it?  How much of a role does it play in grades?  Do you grade each and every assignment?  What do you grade, and how do you chose what you grade?  How much time do you devote to grading papers a day?

Oh, and one more thing.  We are rewriting our curriculum to go along with our international magnet school requirements.  We are getting ready to rewrite our poetry.  Does anyone have any uber fantastic poetry resources they would like to refer me to or share?

Love you all,