Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Made-It

I have not posted a lot this summer because my summer has been full of teaching summer camp and going to trainings.  In the midst of all the craziness, I found out about....

If you haven't heard of this, please check out her blog here.

When I started summer vacation, I created a huge bucket list of stuff to do for the classroom.  One of those things was to finally get to my Pinterest board to-do list.  This linky is helping me stay on task.  "I just have to get it done for Monday..." is what I keep telling myself.

So here we go.....

First up are a few things that were on my bucket list but I didn't have to create because I found them so darn cheap.

1.  Find/Create cute lamps for reading area and your desk.

I have seen several classrooms that have cute lamps.  A couple of weeks ago I saw this lamp on 4TheLoveofTeaching's blog

She mentioned that she had found these in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby for 66% off.  So what did I do?  I hopped in my car and went straight to Hobby Lobby!  I like the lamp because it is cute, small enough to go on a shelf, and the lime green matches my classroom color scheme.  Imagine my surprise when I saw they had a hot pink one too!  I <3 pink! :D  Check that off my list!

2.  Monograms

There are several bloggers out there who have been using wooden letters to decorate their classrooms.  I especially was inspired by these two posts.

Well, while I was Michael's a couple of days ago, I found this in the $1 bin!

It is small enough to just sit on my desk.  I am still thinking about what I could do to hang on my walls, but I couldn't say no!  And for those of you wondering why an "E?"  My married name will be Eimer (pronounced Eye-mer).  I am getting married next summer and I want to start creating things with my married name so I don't have to reinvent next summer!

3.  Ruler container

I know we have all seen this on pinterest.

Well I had every intention of creating my own, until I found this on clearance for $3 at Hobby Lobby.

Sorry, I know the picture is blurry.  I had to have this because it's pink and polka-dotty and that would've been how I decorated my pringles can anyway!  It is a bit wider than a pringles can, I think it's purpose is supposed to be to hold flowers, but not in my classroom!  Currently it is sitting on my end-table in my living room and it holds our remotes, DS, ipod charger, etc.  It will hold rulers in my classroom once I get into my room in August.

Now onto the things I actually made.  I have to say I had so much fun doing this!!!

1.  Note to Students

Originally inspired by Caroline at Tupelo Honey and then inspired again by Tara at 4th Grade Frolics (see picture below for Tara's creation)

I made this...

I have a frame for it to hang in my classroom, but I haven't gotten around to printing it out yet.  I love, love, love the idea of this letter and I plan on putting it on the shelf next to my homework trays.  

2.  Teacher Tool-box

I had to have one of these!!

First seen here at Create Teach Share. 

If you have not seen this, check it out!  She also has uploaded the labels that she used.  I also used these labels in creating my toolbox.  


I love the way it turned out!  :)

3.  Binder Dividers

Tara made these last Monday for Made it Monday.  See that post here.

Well of course, I fell in love with how hers turned out, so I made my own!  This is what I came up with.

Like Tara, I also got the digital papers and the frames from the following two Etsy shops.

I love how bright and colorful they are!!

4.  Framed To-Do List

I had numerous inspirations for this on pinterest so I will not credit any one person.  I also had a cute looking To-Do list that I grabbed off Farley's TpT store last summer.  So I took the two ideas and made this.

So I took Farley's cute to-do list and edited it in paint. I took her plain-white to do list and made a light blue background and added white polka dots in paint.  Then I added some digital paper from LillyBimble.  Then added a cute white frame and it's ready to go!  I love it!

On a non-school related note, Nathan and I have been doing a lot of wedding planning.  As some of you may know we are getting married in Maui.  That part of the wedding has been planned for some time but recently we have been planning the reception and get together that we will have when we return to IL.  I will post engagement pictures soon!

Happy Monday!


  1. Super WOW!!! You did a ton!!! You make me laugh...I'm obsessed all week with "ok Tara, what are you going to make now??!!!" Thanks for linking up and all the credits:) I love how fun your teacher toolbox turned out and your teacher binder pages are awesome!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Great job on all of your projects!! I especially love the binder covers. I need to get started on mine!!

    Surfin' Through Second

  3. I can't believe how much you got accomplished. Go you! Everything turned out super cute. :)

    The Teaching Thief
    Fiction Friday: A Celebration of Children’s Literature

  4. Wow, you have been busy! No wonder we haven't heard from you lately :) Glad to see you again.


    Fun in Room 4B

  5. Woah!!! You have been SUPER busy! love it!

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  6. So cute! Love the way you did your binder covers. I might have to make some new ones.
    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack

  7. Wow! Your projects look amazing! I'm so happy I found your blog through the linky!

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  8. So glad you found the lamp!! I just love mine! I actually went and bought another one! :)

  9. Love your binder dividers. I have purchased one of those toolboxes, I am just trying to get through some other projects before I start on it!

    Your newest follower,