Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm a Winner!

Hey all! I have awesome news! I won Christina's $25 Tpt giveaway! I was able to get a fraction activity set, her new silent letter pack, and several flippy books! I just love all of her things: she uses super cute Thistle Girl graphics and sells them for reasonable prices! Even better is that it is fun for the kids! I used her leap day flippy back in February and it was a hit! I definitely cannot wait until I get to use my new things this year! Please please go check out her blog and Tpt store. The links are below: (I'm updating from my new iPhone and I haven't fully figured out this app yet!)

Christina's blog link:

Christina's Tpt store link:

*Sorry I didn't link it directly or post her new, super-cute button, but I am on my phone.

So thanks again Christina for hosting this fab giveaway!

Before I go, I need help: what should I do with these cute Target dollar spot finds?

I am thinking crayons and markers. Math games? Word work? Possibilities are endless!

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