Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stress and Injury

Grandma's Accident in Local Papers

The above article is from a newspaper a few towns over that is about my grandma's accident with a semi this morning. She was taken to a larger hospital in Peoria a couple of hours away. Last I heard she was in surgery with a broken pelvis, shattered hip, several broken ribs. When the semi rear-ended her grain truck, the force caused her to be thrown beneath the steering wheel. Then the truck proceeded to flip into the nearby bean field. It's a miracle she made it.

Further bad news.... My aunt was also taken to the hospital this morning after passing out. They have checked her in, but have yet to diagnose a problem.

On a teaching note, I took pictures of my classroom and of my students yesterday. I will post them when I have more time. We have been really busy at school with September common assessments. Today we had our awards assembly for student of the month. Next week I have a field trip, our school's grand opening assembly, and next Friday our students will be able to climb a rock wall that was provided through a $30,000 donation from Kraft (locally based). Needless to say there is a lot of stressed involved. Not only because we have a lot of exciting things going on at school, but all of these events also cut down on my class time which is stressful when I start looking at curriculum timelines and such.

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  1. I hope that your grandma and aunt are okay! Please keep us updated on their progress.

    On a school note, I completely understand about feeling the time crunch. I'm always excited for my students to have opportunities to experience new and exciting things, but I feel overwhelmed at how to keep up with the curriculum map with so much time out of class.
    Ashleigh's Education Journey