Sunday, July 21, 2013

To Do List *Updated*

*List originally posted July 4, 2013 * Go to original post for links to references.  

1. Create small easy to do crafts/projects found on blogs and Pinterest. Find links below text.

  •  Personalized Sanitizer Bottles (Resourceful Room)
  • Bulletin board with spot for each student using clips and numbers similar to the ones below (Darling Little Learners)
  • Make these signal pictures for the classroom (Clutter Free Classroom)
  •  I want to make a video for my sub plans.  The link below is to put them on a cd - I would like to put a variety of sub plans for any given day and a video on a USB drive and have that ready.  I think it would be a good idea of the students and I made a video together.  In the video the students could model procedures in the classroom and introduce ourselves.  The teacher could watch it during my plan or at the beginning of the day - or even watch it with the students to review. (Learnnc)
  • Organize classroom board games into plastic containers.  (meckmom)
  • Make cute magnets that have been seen everywhere.  I'm not sure what I would use them for but I'm hoping maybe to make some for my clip chart???  We'll see - they're just too darn cute. (Kickin it in Kinder) 
  • Make binder for master copies (Orange polka dots)
  •  Make classroom club board (4th grade frolics seen below;originally from Molly at Lessons with Laughter
  • Make a "Grade, Copy, File" plastic organizer(Fun in 4b)
  • Follow blogs and look for cute things to make.
2.  Get organized
  • Finish putting together teacher planner - hole punch calendars, laminate cover pages, add meeting notes, district schedules and CCSS
  • Update teacher binder:  parent contact forms, discipline forms, pt conference data, student information forms
  • Update reading binder (pensieve): new conferencing forms and data tabs
  • Create Reading group, math group, and writing group folders with cute covers 
  • Organize bulletin board letters into cd holders. photo albums
  • Organize spelling lists on Spelling City 
  • Get all digital files organized. 
  •  Create binder with all word sorts from wtw and print spelling inventories for first week
  • Update procedure packet
  • Organize/laminate all task cards
3.  Work to get accomplished
  • Make sure all referral data is entered into SWIS and turn into admin
  • PD: 7/16, 7/24, 7/27, 8/5-8/9, 8/14
  • Lookover new math curriculum
  • Work on PYP units with team 
  • Long Range planning - work math concepts into PYP units
  • Before August 8th (registration) - make welcome packets with newsletter and mail student welcome postcards
  • Update class website
4.  Classroom Stuff
  • Finish unpacking classroom
  • Work on PYP Bulletin boards:  Front bb: spot for central idea etc.; Transdisciplinary themes across the top ; key concepts; skills; question of the day.  Closet door:  learner attitudes and profiles where students can goal set
  • Add homework club stuff to back bulletin board
  • Either put word wall on bulletin board behind desk or create some sort of movable word wall
  • Leave a space for objectives on white board
  • Look up student supply organization on blogger and pinterest and decide how you want to organize supplies
  • Organize library - maybe use book retriever or a system for check - out/investigate how other teachers are doing it.  Sort through books and decide if any could be given to new teachers.  
  • Write down and finalize your system for clip chart and reflect on if any changes need to be made
  • After classroom is organized - do I need to make another Vistaprint order?? (birthday cards, homework passes, recognition tags, etc.)
  • Label new math curriculum and number
  • Label student cubbies
  • Make final copies of roster and schedule
  • Make sure all lessons and units through November are in planbook - don't get too obsessed with decorating!
  • Organize a place for student binders/notebooks  
  • Classroom jobs - keep from last year or update? 
  • Create handouts for Meet the Teacher Night
  • Buy a new stapler and classroom friendly pencil sharpener/organize supply center for sharpener and pencils
  • Create 10 new student packets with all prepared materials in gallon ziploc bags
  • Make "I'm so lucky" bags for first day and "Thanks for poppin' in" bags for meet the teacher. 
  • Find activities for class building and fun for first week of school. 

So I'm putting myself out there and I've only completed like three things.  It feels like I have added to this list.  In all honesty there a lot of these things that I'm like halfway done with but not completely.  For example the student supply organization.  I did but baskets for their tables and prettied them up with ribbon - but I haven't completely decided if I like how I have it planned out so I didn't want to cross it off.  My wedding reception was yesterday and my family is in town for Wyoming until Friday.  So hopefully I can have more of this crossed up next Sunday.  We'll see!  (Disclaimer:  I fully expect this list to get longer after MIM tomorrow!)

Happy week!


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  2. At least you made a list :) That's much more organized than I am at this point... I have a general list in my head but I've been working on random stuff that's probably not so important in the grand scheme of things! I should probably sit down and get down to business soon! I love and envy your organization! I'm super organized during the school year but my brain turns to mush in the summer....

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