Friday, December 30, 2011

Operation Organize 2012

In response to my new fascination with organizing and this post from I heart organizing, I decided to attempt cleaning out my linen closet.  

So I didn't take pictures before.... 

but it looked something like this.  
  • Sheets, pillows, towels all over the place....
  • Random bottles and boxes
  • Take away the plastic organizers, because I didn't have any of that

It was basically a "throw everything in there" closet. 

Check out this picture...
 Minus the cat, this is everything that was previously in my linen closet but now is not.  My favorite is the pumpkin basket.  It was full of just random stuff.  The Rogers & Hollands bag had old nail polish, etc.  The rest were just empty or half empty boxes that took up a lot of space.  

So basically, I found some cute square mini-containers in the dollar section at Target.  I took one of the containers and filled it with all the medicines (because of aforementioned blog article) to remake this....

Basically, the article said that a medicine cabinet is not for medicine.  Medicines have to be stored at a certain temperature, and for those of us that like hot showers and baths, the bathroom typically gets too hot for the medicine.  So what Jen from I heart Organizing did was combine them into this tin and put them on the top shelf of a cabinet.  You will see that I sort of did something similar with the aqua cube organizers I got from Target.

So here are some pictures from the after product....

A few things I did:
1. There is a bag full of plastic bags that you can kind of see sitting at the bottom of my closet.  There are probably 50 plastic bags in there.  Those were previously covering the bottom of my closet like confetti at New Year's Eve.  Now, I can actually see the bottom of my closet.
2. Notice aqua cube plastic containers from the Dollar Spot @ Target

 I took Toilet paper out of packaging and stacked them on the shelf to rid my mind of that ugly plastic wrapping. 
 I emptied the many boxes of band-aids and Day/Nyquil and put them in this white basket.  Just doing this, I was able to throw away 15 little boxes that were half empty.  I think this makes it more accessible as well! :D
  A better look at how I used the aqua cubes to organize other types of medicines and lotions. 
The towels and the sheets look less crazy because I went through the closet and donated old sheets and towels we never use.  My goal is to get some wicker baskets to put these into.

So it's a start.  I plan on organizing every bit of this apartment over the course of the year.  I plan on using this declutter calendar to help in that process.  :D  It may not seem like much,  but I feel uber proud of myself!

Here are some pictures of cute things......
 cute cat
cute boy

Happy Blogging!


  1. I loooove to organize! I am almost done with all my craft stuff. I will be placing pictures on my blog within the next few days!

  2. I need to organize my things as well! Who knew medicine wasn't supposed to go in the "medicine cabinet"?!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. I adore I heart organizing as well! I used so many of her tips to reorganize my pantry and laundry room. Your closet looks great!

  4. I've given your blog The Versatile Blogger award... if you don't already have it, stop by to pick it up :) Plus I'm having a little 300 follower giveaway!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  5. I SO have one (maybe two...maybe more) of closets like this. Now I'm inspired to get organized! It looks great! I'm a new follower.

  6. Oh my goodness, you are being so productive I feel the need to go clean a closet! This may be the motivation I need! Thanks!