Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pic Collage in the Classroom

This past weekend I attended a workshop on integrating Smart boards in language arts. I can't tell you how many wonderful ideas I got!



Have you heard of it? It is a free app for the I phone or I pad that lets you create picture collages, add text, etc.

Before this workshop I used it to make collages of engagement pictures or a holiday party. I can't believe I never thought of the classroom connections! See below.

This is a poster I whipped up in a few minutes to show you an example. If you have wireless, your students can either add pictures from google or take pictures with the camera.

Tomorrow my students will be making picture collages and writing about the different ways animals sleep. Now my school doesn't completely have wireless yet, so I downloaded the pictures from google ahead of time and put them in the photo album. That way they still have some design control.

Not to mention the only IPAD I have is mine. I have created a rotation schedule where groups of two or three will sit down with me and work on their poster. That way it doesn't leave my sight.

Use it for citing textual evidence, poem writing, book reviews, anything you can think of! Then email and print- now you have cool posters for your bulletin boards!

Good night!


  1. I need to get this app. I love that you can email and print it. Is the "poster" the size of a standard sheet of paper? Thanks for sharing.
    Third Grade Galore

  2. I have not heard of pic collage, but it looks awesome. It would be cool to use it for geometry and have the students go around the school and take pictures of things that represent different shapes, lines, etc. and form it into a collage. I will have to check that app out. I only have one ipad as well, which is my own! :)

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  3. This app is great! I can think of so many ways to use it in all my subjects. Thanks so much for posting this. I am thinking social studies right now, but it will be great for writing prompts and so many other things! Thanks, Pam

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