Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sleepless Nights

So my kitten woke me up, and once I was up I couldn't get back to sleep because I was thinking about school.

Our school over the past two years has had a vast addition put on and then the old part of the building has been completely remodeled.  All teachers are getting new classrooms, laptops, furniture, and Smartboards.  I know, we are lucky.  The frustrating part is the teacher's first day is next Thursday August 18th and our rooms aren't ready yet.  Or at least the wing my classroom is in isn't ready. 

I have walked by my new room and it looks really nice, but it's very small.  To make matters a little worse more challenging, the students have what I would like to call "table desks."  Meaning that I have 25 of them (I have 23 students), but they are all 3 ft. long (so more the size of a small table).  Try fitting those into pods or groups, lol. 

So I have been up for the past hour drawing maps of my classroom, trying to figure out how to fit my kidney reading table, my rectangular activity table that I have to have, student desks, and my desk in there and still have room to walk. 

The next week or so will be crazy!!

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  1. You sure do have your work cut out for yourself with the desks! :) But you'll get it done. Enjoy your last few days of summer!! :)