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Sunday, March 4, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award and More Pics

Beth Ann from Taming My Flock of Firsties gave me this lovely blog award.  Go check out her blog!  She is awesome!  See the rules for the award below. 

The rules:
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Congratulations to all the lovely winners!

Now for more classroom pictures!!
Mystery Walker
I bought this poster and the mystery walker bands from Really Good Stuff (I think).  Anyway, the line leader gets one mystery walker band and gets to monitor the rest of the students.  It is the line leader's job to give the band to the best walking student that has their hands lock-it or pocket and a bubble in their mouth.  

 Bathroom Monitor Log
I apologize for it being sideways.  I was trying to cut off the names.  My kids get to use the restroom once before lunch and once after.  They just have to check off when they've gone.  It's on a clipboard right by the door. 
 Inquiry Reflection Journals and Learner Profile Books (see more about what these are in this post
 PYP Learner Profile and Attitude Board
 A whole view of the door area from the middle of the classroom.  The green wall with the brain and the lightbulb in the hallway symbolizes 3rd grade.  In my earlier post I mentioned that green is 3rd grade's color.  As you walk throughout our building, you will come to identical parts in the hallway that look like that, but they are different colors for each grade level.  So-1st grade is red, there is a red head with a brain thing like that in their section of the hallway. 
HEROES is an acronym that stands for Honest, Eager, Responsible, Outstanding, Excellent, Students.  It is a school-wide program that our school uses to promote doing homework.  Every quarter, our school takes a field trip somewhere: movie theater, pool, bowling alley, etc.  Students may not miss more than 9 assignments in a quarter in order to attend.  We are required to put up a poster to keep track of homework.  This is mine.  It is hanging on the door to my closet.  See below to see what my closet is used for. 
 Book Bag Closet
I bought 3m hooks on sale at Target at the beginning of the year.  The green plastic tubs were on clearance after the move-in college sales in August.  Students put their book bags in the green tubs and their coats on the hooks.  One of my student jobs is to keep this area neat.  The grey cabinet on the left is something my principal was giving away.  I keep my DRA testing kit, art supplies, and other various teacher supplies in it!
 Inside the grey cabinet.....

 The view of my classroom from inside the closet...
Every classroom in our school has a Smart Board.  That ugly, humongous black cart next to it holds my laptop, ELMO thingy, and other wires.  You can also see my CAFE board on the left and other posters/white board on the right. 
 To the right of the book bag closet on the back wall of the classroom is my reading table (kidney table) and the sink and more storage behind it. 
 Things on my reading table.  The pile is my reading binder, reading group material, book study packets.  Note cards for problem words or sight word practice.  A timer for AIMS web progress monitoring, fluency practice, and running records.  Then my dollar pencil organizer from Target - sticky notes, sharpies, pens, highlighters, line highlighters for reading, etc.
 This is kind of behind my reading table.  See the book bag closet again.  You also see my classroom phone which is used to keep contact with the office or call parents.  Then my massive pile of books I have checked out from our Literacy Library for reading groups. 
Bulletin Board directly behind reading group table. 
You'll notice almost every bulletin board is on cupcake fabric.  *yay for my cupcake theme*  On this bulletin board I have:
  • Calendar
  • Birthday board
  • School Rules
  • Debug Poster
  • PBIS Matrix for school wide behavior
  • RESPECT bingo chart 
  • Amanda from One Extra Degree's Job Chart - Kids Hard At Work {source}
On the counter are my homework trays.  Left tray=loose leaf paper.  Right tray=homework tray.  The pile in front? = No name Pile.  You'll see the loose leaf is being held down by a basketball man trophy.  My class currently has this for being the most behave 3-5 classroom for the month of Feb.  I also store Clorox wipes (my desk cleaner uses them everyday), Kleenex, Ziploc Bags, and the sink off to the right.

I didn't take pictures of what's in my cabinets.  But the two pull out drawers are stuffed with materials, letters, various things to put on bulletin boards.  The cabinets below the drawers are where I store my board games, indoor recess materials.  
 My Schedule.  It's on the door to the cabinet that you'll see in the next picture.  Our school has the following specials:
  • Art 
  • Music
  • P.E.
  • Mandarin Chinese
All four of the 3rd grade classes are split into four groups: A, B, C, D.  Each group goes to a different special each day.  It is a really good way for students to hang out with students from other classes. 
Inside my closet to the right of the sink. 
  • Hangers for my coat
  • Green teaching bag (Gretchen Courtney supplies)
  • Extra notebooks (underneath green bag)
  • Books on CD (for listen to reading)
  • All my Good Habits Great Readers Curriculum: Guided Reading Group Lessons/Books, Shared Reading Curriculum and Books, Making Meaning Curriculum
  • Lucy Caulkins Writing Curriculum
  • Letter Tiles
  • Cookie Sheets
  • Markers
  • Thin sentence strip white board thingies from Target
  • Pocket Charts
  • All other literacy manipulatives
  • Group Creator Sticks (sticks that students pick when I need to randomly put them in groups)
 The doors to the aforementioned closet.  See my classroom rules on the right. 
 A brief look at my desk area.  More on this to come later! 

For now, it is time for me to go to bed and prepare for a 7:45a.m. staff meeting tomorrow!  Good Night blog world.